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NE555 LED flasher circuit
stanleystar by Stanleystar NE555 LED flasher circuit

COMPONENTS NEEDED / - 555 timer IC - 9-volt Battery or DC power supply - Red LED - x2 1KΩ Resistors - 10KΩ Resistor - 10µF electrolytic capacitor - 0.01µF ceramic capacitor - S...

Proximity Sensing LEDs from Diglinet Blog
stanleystar by Stanleystar Proximity Sensing LEDs from Diglinet Blog

How does it work? Each LED is grouped with an infrared (IR) LED and a photo-transistor. When a photo-transistors “sees” a certain wavelength of light, it is gated and turns on, allowing current to...

Arduino Uno parts
simoox39 by Simoox39 Arduino Uno parts

Just wanted to share this Arduino Uno parts and components schematic for curious people :) FOLLOW ME AND SHAARE!

Arduino distance sensor HC-SR04
StuntrrCEO by Amine-M Arduino distance sensor HC-SR04

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: - Arduino board - HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor HARDWARE SETUP: - Connect Trig pin to pin D12 on Arduino board. - Connect Echo pin to pin D13 on Arduino board. - Connec...

LM78XX power supply regulator
StuntrrCEO by Amine-M LM78XX power supply regulator

Schematic for LM78XX regulator series. Just connect a 0.33uF capacitor (ceramic) from the input of the regulator to ground, and do the same with the 0.1uF capacitor. That would give an output of xV (...